Things I love

I’m going to add links to my favourite yoga websites and books here so you can enjoy them too!


A Life Worth Breathing by Max Strom – this is a really fantastic and easy to read book with practical tips on how to make small changes that can dramatically improve your life. If I was to recommend just one book to start with it would be this one.

How Yoga Works by Christie McNelly and Geshe Michael Roach – this book is a fictional story that is based around the ancient text of the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. A lot of people find the real life examples of applying yogic philosophy to life useful in this book. More than that it is an engaging and enjoyable story.

Yoga Mind Body and Spirit by Donna Farhi– this book is recognised as a really seminal work on yoga. Clearly explaining different elements including breath, prana, energetic body as well as asana ( physical postures). A treasure trove of inspiration for those seeking to deepen their practice.

The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle – this best seller is again a very easy to read book combining lessons from numerous religions and philosophies to help readers understand how much of our lives with miss, by focusing our attention on what happened in the past or what we’re doing in the future.

The Yoga Bible – It’s great to have a reference book particularly for beginners who may feel uncertain at playing with poses on their own. This book is simple but clear on precautions, entry points and exit points, benefits and variations of the essential poses of yoga. It also includes a nice introduction to yogic philosophy including the eight limbs, yamas and niyamas.

Awakening Shakti – For those interested in Hindu goddess this is a really beautiful book. Lovely descriptions with clear and simple meditation exercises to work on.


DJ Darshana – Really love these mixes. There is something for everyone here from hip hop, to reggae yoga mixes and devotional chill out in the middle. Ben runs events too in Sheffield worth checking out.

Jack Harrison, Enchanted Island – A beautiful combination of traditional indian chants with celtic music from Ireland. Includes Sarvesham, Tryambakam and Om Namah Sivaya. Very relaxing.

Krishna Das, Pilgrim’s Heart – traditional interpretation of chants with soulful singer.

Studios and teachers

Raquel Alves Wake Up and Shine – this is one of my mentors, a really experienced and wonderful teacher. She runs workshops and beautiful retreats, as well as specific teacher classes and mentoring support.

Yoga with Tori a lovely teacher who teaches everything from relaxed yin classes at the Cardiff Yoga Studio to dynamic strength building classes for climbers at Boulders rock climbing centre. She is also active in helping to bring the community of yoga teachers together in Cardiff.

Yoga from the heart with Leila Sadeghee – creator of the wonderful uplifting shakti shops

Mandala Ashram – I am currently studying at this ashram. It’s a very peaceful and uplifting place. Worth a visit to check out some of their courses.


For those of you who want something to listen to on long car journeys or whilst your cooking here are a few podcasts I’ve been enjoying lately:

Chitheads / embodied philosophy – deep thoughtful and provocative  interviews with American yoga and wisdom teachers

It’s all happening – amazing guests and interesting discussions. Slightly broader focus than other pure yoga podcasts.

Krishna Das Pilgrims Heart – Krishna Das is a fascinating guy, honest new yorker who devoted himself to the Maharaja and is now known as one of the leading kirtan singers in the world.

Jack Kornfield Heart Wisdom – it’s like listening to family stories in front of a cosy fire. Jack Kornfield makes you laugh, smile and cry all in one episode of his beautiful podcasts.


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