I feel very blessed to have taught so many wonderful people over the last few years in London, Cardiff and a few more exotic places like Colombia. Here are a few testimonials that former students have given me about my teaching.

If you’ve attended a class with me and could spare a few minutes to add a testimonial either to this website as a comment below or on my Yoga Trail profile I would be immensely grateful. If you’re contemplating joining a yoga class and have questions feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help – ktbergson [@] gmail.com


Olivia, West Wales:

“Katy has that amazing quality of being a gentle, kind-hearted and inclusive teacher, while also offering the physical challenges that leave the body feeling energised! I am always struck by Katy’s enquiring mind. She is incredibly well-read and knowledgeable about all aspects of the yoga lifestyle and open to sharing her passion and expertise. A class with katy leaves you feeling both physically and mentally stimulated!”

Jo, Cardiff:

I always enjoy Katy’s classes. She builds up the intensity slowly, flowing through a sequence of movements and gives options to those at different levels. She clearly plans well for each class. Katy’s delivery is calm and kind and she makes you feel very welcome in the class with her gentle manner and sense of humour.” 

Juan Pereiro, Cardiff:

“Love Katy’s classes. She has a great environment in the class. Accurate and the flow is easy to follow. Gentle classes, not too hard, not too easy. She gives alternatives and is mindful of everyone in the class. Recommended for all kind of levels and requirements.”

Gill Daines, London:

“I’d never tried yoga before learning with Katy and she helped me build my confidence over the weeks – helping where I needed it but also letting me find my own space and comfort zone. Katy’s classes are a lot of fun and don’t feel like an effort but I could see the benefits week on week and always left feeling much calmer and more balanced than at the start of the session. I’d definitely recommend her.”

Rosie Warin, London:

“Fantastic teacher that produces results – for both body and mind. I had lessons with Katy on and off for about two years. She is a brilliant yoga teacher and comes highly recommended. Explains clearly, always personalises classes for each of her students, and is full of interesting facts and titbits. Her classes benefit both body and mind – I always noticed the difference to my wellbeing if I missed a class. Can’t recommend highly enough.”


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