About Roha Yoga

About Katy

Yoga as a powerful tool for opening up the body, creating and maintaining health and perhaps more significantly in our hectic lives, letting the mind unwind. Despite many people’s preconceptions, yoga should be accessible to everyone irrespective of age and flexibility. Everyone’s bodies are very different so we must practice with an acceptance of our limits and an open mind to try new things and test the edges of our capabilities.

I have been teaching yoga in the UK and abroad for the last six years after initially studying with a traditional yoga ashram in South India. I continually develop my knowledge and teaching studying with teachers including Jason Crandell and Susanne Lahusen at Yoga Campus London. I completed a two year diploma in yoga at Mandala Yoga Ashram in summer 2018.

I am currently co-writing and editing a book on yoga, fundraising for an Indian charity connected to yoga  and will shortly be moving to a yoga ashram to continue my studies and practice.

Email: ktbergson@gmail.com

Twitter: @ktbergson

Phone: 07840 008659

I am a fully insured and registered teacher with British Wheel of Yoga.
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What does Roha mean?

रोह  Roha comes from the ancient language sanskrit and can be translated as to blossom or bloom.

7 thoughts on “About Roha Yoga

  1. Hi Katie, just got back from your class.

    I loved your classes, and am sad it was your last class. I have just finished the book HOW YOGA WORKS. Have you read it?

    I would love to continue classes with you if you do practice your teaching elsewhere in Cardiff. I’m an actress so my life is dictated by my job and am often away. So being consistent with classes proves tricky with plays. However I would really like to deepen my study so I can get to a standard where I can self practice.

    • Hey louise, lovely teaching you and thanks for the positive feedback always nice to hear. I love ‘how yoga works’ think it a good suggestion to add in to my recommended books list on here!

      You might want to look out for workshops especially tori does one on self practice which might be helpful to building up your own practice have a look here:
      I’ll post on here and twitter when I’m setting up new classes in the autumn. Best wishes,

      • Hi Louise, FYI – i am now running a class Monday nights at Roath Park Primary School on Pen-y-wain road. 6.30-7.45pm Be lovely to see you there if you get the chance to join us. Katy

  2. Hi Katy, and a happy new year! Sorry for my slow response I have been working in Newcastle and am now back, wondering if I can still come to your yoga class, how do I join etc? Louise

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