Upcoming courses

I hope you are enjoying renewed energy and enthusiasm at the start of the year, rather than battling with the cold darkness of this season. After a hectic end to 2016 I’m really enjoying being back teaching yoga in Cardiff.

The new class at Parkminster Church Roath is going really well – it’s a fantastic group of students exploring together breath, movement and mind patterns. These sessions have an increased emphasis on breath work (pranayama) and relaxation/meditation and are therefore particularly well suited for those looking to get stress relief or focus on mental wellbeing in their yoga practice.

With the current block half way through already – I’m pleased to announce the class will continue with the next course running for 6 weeks from the start of February (05/02/17). This is now open for bookings.

Space is limited so if you know you want to sign up let me know ASAP. I am allowing drop in for this course but priority will be given to those booking for the whole term and to honour those committing to that regular practice there is more than a £10 discount over the 6 weeks – with the course costing £40 or £8.50 per session for drop in students.

See you on the mat xx



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